This is a website for leaseholders who want to either extend their lease or buy a share of their freehold through a process called collective enfranchisement.

This website provides calculators which will show how much you should expect to pay, based on the value of your home now, how many years you have left on the lease, and what your yearly ground rent is. The simple versions of these calculators will give you rough estimate. The advanced calculators will explain in detail how the costs are calculated and allow you to provide more detailed information.

Numerous variables, like various long term interest and inflationary rates, must be feed into the calculation and the values for these are often fiercely disputed between the leaseholder and freeholder when arriving at a cost. The purpose is to provide transparency and give insight into how the final costs are calculated.


I would strongly advise seeking legal counsel before making decisions based on the figures produced by these calculators.